THE CHECKLIST by Erin Stringer

To help you remember The Checklist that Pastor Denny presented in services this weekend, we've made a couple of handy reources for you.  The jpeg can be used as a wallpaper for your phone.  The PDF can be printed and put up where you'll see it and remember these helpful tips.  For more…

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City Life Sewing - Ministry That Make an Impact
City Life Sewing - Ministry That Make an Impact by Marilyn Miller

You’ve seen pictures of the dresses they make. You’ve heard about the trips to Nicaragua they’ve taken. But did you know that our ECC Women’s Ministry Sewing Team have taken on another ministry? The ECC Sewing Team has partnered with Youth for Christ’s City Life Ministry.   What is City…

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A Double Blessing
A Double Blessing by Sara Ward

Dave and Alli Meyers’ Adoption Story Dave and Alli Meyers decided they were ready to have a family. But little did Alli know the uphill battle she would face in getting pregnant. As every month passed without a positive pregnancy test, Alli sought the help of a specialist, where she went…

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Transforming Grace Part 1
Transforming Grace Part 1 by Guest Blogger

If you walked into Laurie’s office, you might skip over a small wooden apple on her desk that says, “You are the apple of His eye”.  If you do see it, it might appear cliche, but this small object holds great significance for Laurie.  The woman who gave it to her years ago often used to…

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Transforming Grace Part 2
Transforming Grace Part 2 by Guest Blogger

As the years passed, Laurie’s hope of having her own family grew.  It seemed like circumstances were coming together to make this dream a reality.  Laurie experienced the joy of romance, an engagement, a wedding, and a pregnancy!  She was beyond ecstatic! However, not long into the…

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Looking Back, Looking Forward
Looking Back, Looking Forward by Dennis Miller

It was May of 1989 and just about all of the adults from ECC (about 60 of us) attended a Dream Retreat near Shipshewanna with the purpose of determining our direction as a church.  After a day of ideas, we came up with, “We Learn It to Live It”.  Overnight, someone in our group thought of…

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A Two-Act Marriage
A Two-Act Marriage by Christy Cabe

“Hey, we’d love to have you guys over for dinner!” Adam nodded to the stranger he’d met in the lobby an hour ago, and who now sat beside him. The service had just ended. Everything was unfamiliar to them, their families’ first Sunday at this church called Emmanuel Community. Adam plastered…

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Dear ECC Woman,
Dear ECC Woman, by Christy Cabe

Dear ECC woman, When I was ten years old, my dad took the position of head pastor (at that point in time, the only pastor!) of Emmanuel Community Church. We lived in Huntington, and so we began to build a house in the small town of Roanoke, a little closer to the church, yet still in the…

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Transforming Prayer Resources
Transforming Prayer Resources by Erin Stringer

If you attended any of our weekend opportunities to hear from Dr. Daniel Henderson, then you are probably feeling the fire to do something about your prayer life, whether individually or within your small group. Here are two great ways to review the content from this past weekend and begin…

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That Seriously Single Sister
That Seriously Single Sister by Camilla Sauder

How the church can reach never-wed women “How many?” the elder whispers as I sneak in late for service, as usual. I hold up one finger (again), and he ushers me to an open chair. I’m inevitably seated between the doting newlyweds and the families of five beautiful children. *Sigh* Always…

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