Food for the Hungry Announcement
Food for the Hungry Announcement by Erin Stringer

2017 sees us celebrating seven years in partnership through FH with the people of El Porvenir, Torrencio, and Ameya.  We will now begin to wind down this relationship to say goodbye in 2018.  You may ask, “why”?  First, we have always planned to remove ourselves to prevent creating…

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What Falls Under Your Spiritual Category?
What Falls Under Your Spiritual Category? by Erin Stringer

It's a new year and with that comes resolutions and goal setting. When Pastor Denny challenged us to consider balance in four areas of our lives (mental, physical, spiritual and relational), I put pen to paper, began reflecting on the past year and decided on changes I'd like to make in the…

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The Long Road
The Long Road by Sam Ward

We are still sleep-deprived and happy after the birth of our son.  He was born two weeks ago so I've have had a small amount of time (mostly around 3 AM in the morning) to reflect on what God has been up to over the last two years. When we started this journey, we thought that we would…

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Take Them A Meal
Take Them A Meal by Marilyn Miller

The theme for Women's Ministry this year is "Hospitality." This month we are focusing on the act of taking a meal to someone in need as an example of love, service and, of course, hospitality. Throughout the years, there have been many times that my family has been blessed by people who…

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Thailand Team Update
Thailand Team Update by Guest Blogger

After 25+ hours of travel, the team arrived in Chiang Mai eager to get some rest so we could begin the week ahead.  The team awoke to a lovely break in the heat in Chiang Mai, a comfortable 85 with a slight breeze. We spent the morning taking a tour of the print shop operation. They were in…

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Real Poverty - Anna Edgar’s Story
Real Poverty - Anna Edgar’s Story by Erin Stringer

My story begins when I was five and my father left.  My parents were separated for a few years before the divorce, but our financial poverty began when he walked out.  Taking my brother with him, my mother was left with four girls to raise alone.  Although my mother worked incredibly hard…

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Welcome Poole Family
Welcome Poole Family by Erin Stringer

We are excited to announce the recent hiring of a new Associate Pastor of Children’s Ministries.  Kevin Poole comes to us from Fowlerville United Brethren in Michigan.  Pastor Kevin was the Children’s Pastor at Fowlerville for the past five years.  Before accepting the call to serve there,…

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Famous Wise Sayings (Mom Style)
Famous Wise Sayings (Mom Style) by Christy Cabe

In keeping with with our monthly theme of "Living Realistically In A Pinterest World," Christy Cabe, (ECC church member and blogger at, shares some amendments to famous wise sayings. Here's to "keeping it real!"  ------------------------ I have great and…

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Helping Your Teenager Grieve
Helping Your Teenager Grieve by Brian Kramer

I’ve had the privilege of walking alongside many teenagers as they have struggled with their losses. It’s not something that I look forward to at all, or even consider myself particularly good at, but I have learned some things that I’d like to pass on, with the hope of equipping many of…

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You Follow Me
You Follow Me by Marilyn Miller

Yup. It happened to me just like it has probably happened to you!  I've fallen victim to social media comparison! Many  of us can relate. We follow others on social media and consider their lives based on their posts and then, either consciously or unconsciously, compare it to our own…

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