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New Kids’ Walk Safety Policy
New Kids’ Walk Safety Policy by Guest Blogger

Beginning the first week of October, the Kids’ Walk Children’s Ministries will begin limiting access to the children’s wing during all programming, which includes all weekend services and Midweek, to ensure the safety of all children. This is not in response to any specific incident but is…

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ENOTE HIGHLIGHTS 9/20/19 by Dennis Miller

A number of years ago I went to Jamaica with a team of guys to help build a new church.  It was great!  I learned to lay block but was most fascinated with the lintel.  I was quite amazed that we could lay a block for two columns but when the lintel was put into place — everything became…

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ENOTE HIGHLIGHTS 9/13/19 by Dennis Miller

We are privileged.  I had this thought recently when visiting a funeral home.  On the wall read the words of Matthew 5:4, ‘Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.’  It is a true and appropriate message for those grieving the death of a love one.  However, we have learned…

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ENOTE HIGHLIGHTS 9/6/2019 by Dennis Miller

School has started and September has arrived, and with that many individuals and families descended upon ECC this past Wednesday evening to participate in Midweek opportunities for children, youth, and adults. It was a busy and great night which began several months of learning and growing…

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