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City Life Sewing - Ministry That Make an Impact
City Life Sewing - Ministry That Make an Impact by Marilyn Miller

You’ve seen pictures of the dresses they make. You’ve heard about the trips to Nicaragua they’ve taken. But did you know that our ECC Women’s Ministry Sewing Team have taken on another ministry? The ECC Sewing Team has partnered with Youth for Christ’s City Life Ministry.   What is City…

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Take Them A Meal
Take Them A Meal by Marilyn Miller

The theme for Women's Ministry this year is "Hospitality." This month we are focusing on the act of taking a meal to someone in need as an example of love, service and, of course, hospitality. Throughout the years, there have been many times that my family has been blessed by people who…

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You Follow Me
You Follow Me by Marilyn Miller

Yup. It happened to me just like it has probably happened to you!  I've fallen victim to social media comparison! Many  of us can relate. We follow others on social media and consider their lives based on their posts and then, either consciously or unconsciously, compare it to our own…

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Even Before I Ask by Marilyn Miller

If I told you my story, it would include multiple challenges my family has faced throughout a 14 year period of time. We often found ourselves in deep waters and sometimes numbed by pain and blinded by grief. One child was diagnosed with a disability and underwent two complicated…

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Disappointing God by Marilyn Miller

I slowly turned the door knob trying to be as quiet as possible hoping I could sneak in and no one would hear me. But when I pushed the door open, I saw a light on in the kitchen and my mother with a look of both rage and relief on her face. I was a teenager out with the wrong crowd…

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Thankful in All Circumstances - Really? by Marilyn Miller

When I left him in the exam room, I could hear him chatting and joking with the nurses. Later when I was taken to the recovery room, it was a different story. When my son Steven was 17-years-old, he had 4 wisdom teeth removed. When I arrived in the recovery room, I found him still…

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Time for Rest by Marilyn Miller

I gazed across the still lake. Although it was an overcast morning, the calmness of the lake and the sound of the loons drew me in. The air was cool as I cradled a warm green striped mug in my hands. I wrapped my fingers around it a little tighter as swirls of steam and the welcoming…

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Things You Should Know - An Email to Myself by Marilyn Miller

I went totally numb and couldn't process the words he said to me.  It was two days before Thanksgiving in 1995 when my doctor gently told me that tests showed the baby I was carrying would be born with Down syndrome. After that, the conversation was a blur as I struggled to keep my…

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What Love Is by Marilyn Miller

His children and grandchildren were gathered around as he shared memories of what life was like 90 years ago.  We were celebrating my Dad's 94th birthday. After the cake was eaten and the gifts were opened, he fielded question after question about his experiences. He shared about the…

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Want an Adventure with God? Consider Your “Best Yes” by Marilyn Miller

Adventure! After much prayer and seeking, that's the word I've chosen for this year. If you aren't familiar with choosing a theme word for the year, you can read about my experience with it here: After considering my…

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