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A Double Blessing
A Double Blessing by Sara Ward

Dave and Alli Meyers’ Adoption Story Dave and Alli Meyers decided they were ready to have a family. But little did Alli know the uphill battle she would face in getting pregnant. As every month passed without a positive pregnancy test, Alli sought the help of a specialist, where she went…

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Four reasons you should attend the IF:Gathering by Sara Ward

Held at ECC on February 6-7, we will be watching an incredible lineup of Christian speakers while enjoying small group discussion and worship.  The theme of the IF:GATHERING is a challenge for women to live out their belief in Christ by asking a few questions: How do you live out…

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Why you should attend the IF:Gathering at ECC by Sara Ward

What is the IF: Gathering? The IF:Gathering’s purpose is to gather, equip and unleash the next generation of women to live out their purpose.  This two-day event gathers women from around the world to examine questions about belief (“If God is real, then what?”) and how our belief…

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More Advent Ideas for the Family by Sara Ward

Last week, I compiled our family's Advent ideas in this blog, but I also asked Shandra Hathaway, Pastor of Children's Ministries at ECC, what she likes to do with her family for Advent.  Here are her great family Advent ideas with links: Facebook Online Advent Calendar 1. The last…

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Four Ways to Celebrate Advent in your Home by Sara Ward

It might only be November, but the snow and cold temperatures make me think of Christmas.  For most people that means making lists, buying gifts and planning holiday parties.  But for our family, we try to make sure we are celebrating the Advent season by anticipating his birth and…

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Making This Moment Count by Sara Ward

Sara Ward writes for Poets and Saints, a blog about faith and life. She wrote this essay in honor of the new children's wing and to all the volunteers and staff who make a difference in the life of a child. The Haitian woman with the baby hands her child to one of our friends and walks…

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When life takes us through the mud by Sara Ward

Sara Ward, wife to worship pastor Sam Ward, recently returned from the ECC trip to England and Scotland.  She writes a blog called Poets and Saints, sharing stories of beauty and grace through hard days. It was by accident that we found the old stone bridge arching over the river. 

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Fun Friday Blog:  Food Truck Review (and a Giveaway!) by Sara Ward

Sara Ward is a blogger for Poets and Saints who also loves to try new foods. In case you think she is a snobby gourmet, Sara also loves such lowbrow foods as hot dogs, chips with dip, and Velveeta cheese.  She is, however, a bit of a salsa snob.

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Fearless: Learning how to live with less fear and more peace by Sara Ward

Sara Ward is a guest blogger and wife to Sam Ward, worship pastor at Emmanuel.  She writes for Poets and Saints and is currently writing a summer series called Fearless: How to deal with your fear and worry.                        

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