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New Kids’ Walk Safety Policy
New Kids’ Walk Safety Policy by Guest Blogger

Beginning the first week of October, the Kids’ Walk Children’s Ministries will begin limiting access to the children’s wing during all programming, which includes all weekend services and Midweek, to ensure the safety of all children. This is not in response to any specific incident but is…

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Welcome Poole Family
Welcome Poole Family by Erin Stringer

We are excited to announce the recent hiring of a new Associate Pastor of Children’s Ministries.  Kevin Poole comes to us from Fowlerville United Brethren in Michigan.  Pastor Kevin was the Children’s Pastor at Fowlerville for the past five years.  Before accepting the call to serve there,…

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Helping Your Teenager Grieve
Helping Your Teenager Grieve by Brian Kramer

I’ve had the privilege of walking alongside many teenagers as they have struggled with their losses. It’s not something that I look forward to at all, or even consider myself particularly good at, but I have learned some things that I’d like to pass on, with the hope of equipping many of…

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Tyler Merritt is coming to ECC! by Erin Stringer

Tyler Merritt, from The Gospel Project, will be joining us to share the Crucifixion and Resurrection Story Easter weekend [Saturday at 5:00, Sunday at 9:00 and 10:30]. This will be an incredible experience for our ECC children. Tyler’s voice has shared God's Word to our kids for the past…

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What’s In It for Me? by Brian Kramer

Capitalism needs consumers. Without someone to purchase manufactured goods our economic system couldn't work. That’s just fine, until we allow Consumer to become our identity. The label chafes God’s people. Because of their high percentage of disposable income, our teenagers are…

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Celebrating all year round by Erin Stringer

There is nothing more exciting in children's ministries than celebrating children coming to faith!  Baptizing children and celebrating their public confession of faith is something we look forward to each year and we are thrilled to now have a constant reminder of this life-changing…

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10 Tips for a Great Summer With Your Kids by Erin Stringer

You can feel it in the air.  Classrooms are a buzz and evening routines are punctuated by the countdown refrain.  Summer is almost here!  We all have really good intentions to seize the opportunity to spend time with our kids and make unbeatable family memories but in order to do so, we…

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