Food for the Hungry Announcement

by Erin Stringer

2017 sees us celebrating seven years in partnership through FH with the people of El Porvenir, Torrencio, and Ameya.  We will now begin to wind down this relationship to say goodbye in 2018.  You may ask, “why”?  First, we have always planned to remove ourselves to prevent creating dependency.  While FH has shared that there is more work to be done, we find a solid foundation has been laid on which others will work. Second, the FH home office in Nicaragua is replacing personnel we have worked with for many years.  This changing of the guard signals a time to step aside and allow for new efforts to be established.  Third, we are poised with valuable experience to begin a new venture.  Who will we serve alongside next?  

It’s a big change and our relationships will be missed!  We encourage you to continue your child sponsorships as a means to show our continued love.  The value of this gospel partnership has changed hearts and community both in Nicaragua and here in Indiana.  Let’s celebrate this great work!

- Steve Fish, Teaching Pastor & Director of Missions

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