Looking Back, Looking Forward

by Dennis Miller

It was May of 1989 and just about all of the adults from ECC (about 60 of us) attended a Dream Retreat near Shipshewanna with the purpose of determining our direction as a church.  After a day of ideas, we came up with, “We Learn It to Live It”. 

Overnight, someone in our group thought of a way to make it more succinct and “His Word, Our Walk” was born.

After 28 years, that is still the dream.

In 2017, we finished a nearly three-year study of Luke before moving to the Old Testament to learn about King Solomon.  In the summer, after the congregation gave suggestions, we completed a “You Asked for It” sermon series about issues that sometimes seem complicated.  In September we started a study of Genesis 1-11; we are completed the year looking at Joseph, the adoptive Dad of Jesus.  

Through all of it, our desire is to not just know these things but to incorporate the lessons into our lives.  Shared in the link below, we will be reminded of the many ways we have learned to live more obediently as we follow Christ.  There are also many statistics which never tell the whole story but do help us evaluate our effectiveness in some areas.  It is good to look back and remember what God has done in our midst.

What a joy it is to examine the Word and grow together!

Pastor Denny, Lead Pastor

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