We all know Christian friendship is essential in our walk with Christ but let’s be honest, it’s tough! Commitment levels can be different, schedules are hard to navigate, and honestly relationships in general can be messy. Yet we believe at Emmanuel Community Church that EVERY believer needs to surround themselves with other believers. 

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ECC Groups consist of 8-16 people and meet regularly (usually 2 times a month) for the purpose of applying God's Word to the everyday aspects of life. When you sign up for a group you have the option to sign up with friends or join in order to meet a whole new group of friendly faces. Recently married and looking to join a group of others in a similar life stage? You can mark that on your sign up. Empty nester? Let us know! Maybe you just want a group close to home. Mark that as your top priority. Complete the form below and help us find the group that is right for you!

Please note: We just wrapped up our most recent Group Launch.  If you're interested in being placed in a Group, click the link below.  If spots open up in a current Group we will contact you right away, otherwise, you will be the first to receive Group Launch instructions when the next one is offered (Group Launches are tentatively scheduled twice a year).  We look forward to placing you in a Group!

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Questions before jumping into a Group Launch?  Contact us!

Community Groups

In addition to small groups we offer Community Groups - larger group opportunities that give you a chance to meet a lot of different people in a variety of enviroments.  From studies, to serving events, to nights of just fun, these groups are a great starting point as you plug into the life of the church.