Upward is the world's largest Christian-based kid’s sports league. Come join the fun on the basketball court!  For more information, contact Craig Mickey at cmickey@eccfw.org.​

 Important Information:

     Important Dates:

Ages of Our League:

 5-year-olds (Must be 5 years old by January 1, 2019) through 5th grade.


All games, practices, and evaluations are held at Emmanuel Community Church. You can access the gym through Entrance #3. 

Carpool Link/Coach Request: Not Available

We feel Upward provides a unique system of evaluating players and drafting teams with the goal of having teams of equal skill. To capitalize on this unique feature of Upward Sports, which helps provide a more competitive and fun experience through better-balanced teams, we are not able to honor requests for children to be on the same team with friends and request a certain coach.

Exception: Siblings of the same gender and in the same division can still be placed on the same team and we will make sure all siblings practice on the same day. 

Children of coaches will still be placed on their parent’s team.  We will still offer practice night exclusions, should one be necessary. 


Tentative Schedule (Based upon the number of registration in each league)

There is one practice per week, lasting one hour in length. Practices are either Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. Participants cannot choose which night they practice but can indicate one night that they are unable to practice.

3rd through 5th girls basketball will practice on Friday night.  Practice starts at 6 pm (subject to change based on registration numbers).

Practices for Cheer are also once per week for one hour either Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.


The Upward Basketball and Cheer season runs January 12th through March 16th. Games start every hour on the hour between approximately 8 am and 3 pm every Saturday during the season (subject to change based on registration numbers).

3rd through 5th girls basketball will play on Friday night.  Games start at 7 pm (subject to change based on registration numbers).

Cheerleaders typically cheer for an entire game.  They cheer at a variety of game times during the season based upon the number of cheerleaders we have registered. 

Cheer Practice Schedule and Game Schedule:

 Kindergarten and/or 5 years old through 5th grade: 8 Practices & 8 Games

Basketball Practice Schedule and Game Schedule:

Kindergarten and/or 5 years old (Boys & Girls): 8 Practices & 8 Games

1st Grade (Boys & Girls) & 2nd Grade Girls: 8 Practices & 8 Games

2nd & 3rd Grade Boys: 10 Practices & 10 Games

4th & 5th Grade Boys: (10 Practices & 10 Games)

3rd to 5th Grade Girls: Friday Night (9 Week Season)