Destiny Rescue

We believe that God has called ECC to fight against the injustice of child sex trafficking in Thailand. As we step out in obedience, we will be serving with Destiny Rescue in the northern region of Thailand. We invite individuals and families to participate in this ministry through the following options.

  • Sponsor-a-Home. Support the Promise Home with a monthly donation to provide care for children who have been rescued and are in need of restoration.
  • Join a short- term team.
  • Host jewelry parties. Be a voice for the voiceless and sell jewelry made by the girls to benefit the ministry.
  • Sponsor a rescue for $1,500.

To better understand the role of Destiny Rescue in the fight against child sex trafficking click the button below.

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Thailand Team Update

by Guest Blogger

After 25+ hours of travel, the team arrived in Chiang Mai eager to get some rest so we could begin the week ahead.  The team awoke to a lovely break in the heat in Chiang Mai, a comfortable 85 with a slight breeze. We spent the morning taking a tour of the print shop operation. They were in the midst of filling a large order but took a break from that to show our team the ropes. We gleaned great information from Joel, one of the DR project managers. Each of us got our own tshirt custom made right before our eyes. It was awesome to see how US businessmen have turned their craft into an entrepreneurial opportunity for some of the girls.

After a short break we met the DR Chiang Mai girls, house mother and project managers for a special dinner. The team jumped right in with the girls at dinner. Laughing and learning with some of the most beautiful and resilient kids you'd ever meet. 

The next day we spent time at The Little Farm, an organic self-sustaining farm up the mountain a bit. We were given a short tour and went to work, pulling weeds in the pineapple field, painting and digging trenches. We shared lunch on the bamboo floor of the homestead prepared by the lady running the farm. It was a highlight for many people. 

We had dinner at a local restaurant owned by a Christian Thai family and visited with 2 DR workers, media specialist and aftercare coordinator.  We then went to Destiny Cafe and heard from a rescue agent.  

Our team was able to spend time with the Glunt family today.  We met them for lunch and took them to Hilltribe to ride elephants.  

-- Shaana Robrock, Team Leader