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God’s Instagram - 2 by Dennis Miller

We study 3 John and see three men who help us understand the various kinds of people who might be attending our church (any church). It reminds us to look for good role models, but also to BE good role models for newer believers.

God’s Instagram - 1

We begin a four-part series on God’s Instagram — in other words, short communications from the Lord through John and Jude. This weekend we study the Book of 2John which is only 13 verses long but has a powerful message for the new year.

The Angels of Christmas - 5 by Gary Dilley

December 28 & 29, 2019

The Angels of Christmas - 4 by Dennis Miller

Dcember 22, 2019

The Angels of Christmas - 3 by Dennis Miller

December 14 & 15

The Angels of Christmas - 2 by Dennis Miller

December 8 & 9

The Angels of Christmas - 1 by Dennis Miller

We begin our Christmas series as we look at THE ANGELS OF CHRISTMAS. Each weekend we will look at the words of an angel and learn something great about God’s nature. This week, we look at the story of Zechariah and the angel Gabriel.

Philemon - 2 by Dennis Miller

We conclude a short series on the letter of Philemon and learn about second chances. This is a fitting study as we head into the holiday season! You’ll understand why this weekend.

Philemon - 1

We just finished a series on JACOB that reminded us that people can change with the help of the LORD. Now we meet another guy, ONESIMUS, who also changed drastically. The tiny Book of Philemon helps us to learn how to encourage and forgive those who have truly changed.

Reach Weekend 2019 by Dennis Miller, Steve Fish, Frank Y

This is unusual for ECC but we are not in a series this weekend. Our plan is to pause and think about those who have not heard about Jesus. I want to share with you from Scripture that ALL PEOPLE were always a part of God’s plan. Then we hope to show you our focus and direction for…