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I Believe - 1 by Dennis Miller

We start our study of the Apostles’ Creed and work through the first six lines. For many, this will be a good reminder. For others, it may be your first study of a creed that aligns us theologically. In this series, we will do just half of the creed and we will complete it with another…

Purposeful Joy - 4

We learn how friendship in the first century helps us understand that Philippians 4:10-23 is more than a thank you letter for a monetary gift. It is an expression of gospel-centered partnership which we are still designed to display today. Our joy is in taking our walk of faith together!

Purposeful Joy - 3 by Steve Fish

We consider how knowing Christ changes our thinking. Each of us has a mindset. This simply means that our thoughts are always centered somewhere. Paul shows us that in the pursuit of knowing Christ our minds are key to walking humbly through conflicts and anxious circumstances. Where we…

Purposeful Joy - 2 by Steve Fish

We learn that Paul pressed forward toward his greatest heart’s desire. Paul had declared, “I want to know Christ.” This is not a sentiment, it is Paul’s goal. We will learn that for all of us the pursuit of knowing Christ produces joy in us as we anticipate a future glory with Him!

Purposeful Joy - 1 by Dennis Miller

We begin a three-part series called PURPOSEFUL JOY. We will see what it takes to have a right relationship with our Lord from a different perspective. This week the focus is “I want to know Christ.”

Humble Joy - 6 by Dennis Miller

We conclude the HUMBLE JOY series by looking at two young men who are examples of humility. Timothy, you probably know something about. The other, Epaphroditus is probably new to you, but I think you’ll be impressed with him. There are some really good lessons from this concluding…

Humble Joy - 5 by Dennis Miller

We continue our HUMBLE JOY series, but move to a new section of Philippians 2 to understand the humility of Paul. This week's study also provides some wonderful insights into the process of salvation — something that many Christians just don’t understand.

Humble Joy - 4 by Dennis Miller

We continue our series on Humble Joy by looking at the EXALTATION of Jesus Christ by His Father. This is one of the most exciting passages in the New Testament and a great reminder of some basic theology. And one more reminder — this is also a great passage to memorize. We will be…

Humble Joy - 3 by Dennis Miller

We are studying Jesus’ humility and a reminder of His death on a cross. It is a natural time to take communion. The amazing passage of Scripture will continue to teach us about the cure for disunity and the incredible example of Jesus Christ.

Humble Joy - 2 by Dennis Miller

We study one of the greatest portions of Scripture concerning Christ as we see His pre-existence in Philippians 2:5-6. Although theological in nature, I think that this passage also provides us some wonderful application.