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He Shall Be Called - 3 by Dennis Miller

We continue our study of the HE SHALL BE CALLED but looking at the need for a Mighty God.

He Shall Be Called - 2 by Dennis Miller

We continue our HE SHALL BE CALLED series by looking at the name Wonderful Counselor.

He Shall Be Called - 1

We begin a series called, HE SHALL BE CALLED as we look at four nicknames for Jesus. This week we will learn what happened in leading up to this famous text. Then, each week we will focus on one name as we move towards Christmas.

For The Common Good - In Conclusion

We conclude 1 Corinthians and hear Paul giving some final instructions and saying goodbye. This last chapter is very practical.

For The Common Good - 5

We conclude our last series of 1 Corinthians by looking at “order in the church". As you would expect, the Corinthian church was a bit chaotic, and Paul lists some “rules for worship” to restore order. Like last week’s study, this passage has been the cause of hard feelings and…

For The Common Good - 4

We continue our FOR THE COMMON GOOD series by looking at the issue of the gifts of tongues and prophecy. Paul is very clear on what is preferable, but many struggle with how we handle this in the church today. Hopefully, this can be very applicable to each of us and to the church collectively.

For The Common Good - 3 by Dennis Miller

You’ve heard the Love Chapter read at weddings, anniversary parties and many other places. This weekend we continue our series on FOR THE COMMON GOOD as we see the Love Chapter (1Cor. 13) and its original purpose. We will dissect the chapter, cutting it into four parts, that I think we…

For The Common Good - 2 by Dennis Miller

We study one of the most helpful and clever analogies in the Bible. In 1 Corinthians 12:12-31, Paul tells us that the church is like the human body. This illustration goes deeper than one might notice at first glance and becomes a picture for how people in the church should respond to one…

For The Common Good - 1 by Dennis Miller

We begin a series called FOR THE COMMON GOOD, as the Apostle Paul begins teaching about spiritual gifts and how we can use them for the good of the entire body. Very few passages of Scripture have been more divisive over the years than these chapters that we are about to study. However,…

Corinth, You Asked For It - 8 by Dennis Miller

We conclude our sermon series by looking at the question of how to properly handle the Lord’s Supper. We see, as usual, the Corinthians had abused something that needed to be corrected!