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Humble Joy - 2 by Dennis Miller

We study one of the greatest portions of Scripture concerning Christ as we see His pre-existence in Philippians 2:5-6. Although theological in nature, I think that this passage also provides us some wonderful application.

Humble Joy - 1 by Dennis Miller

We begin a new series call HUMBLE JOY as we look at one of the most masterful portions of Scripture in all of the Bible. For many, this text is a favorite. I’m going to suggest that you memorize at least a portion of it as it is the antidote to narcissism. This is probably one of the…

Pure Joy - 4 by Steve Fish

In our study this week, Paul was waiting to see how God would deliver him. We learned last week that Paul found a way to rejoice while in prison. This week we will see that Paul determined to keep on rejoicing knowing that God would bring him through by some means. We will also learn…

Pure Joy - 3 by Steve Fish

How do we learn to give thanks in all circumstances? Paul has been an example of this since the very beginning of the church. We will learn how Paul faced his challenging circumstances and kept on rejoicing.

Pure Joy - 2 by Dennis Miller & Steve Fish

We continue a four-part series on Philippians 1 by learning about Paul’s PARTNERSHIP with these people. Paul opens his letter with a warm greeting that is easily overlooked. It is the kind of thing in a letter that I often “ skim” but we would miss a lot of good teaching if we do that.

Pure Joy - 1

This weekend, we begin a nearly 3-month study of PHILIPPIANS! We will look at the story behind the letter which will help us understand the letter itself so much better.

You Shall Be Called by Dennis Miller

This weekend, we will tweak the Christmas series a bit and focus on YOU Shall Be Called. We have learned the names for Jesus and how meaningful they are. What if you could give yourself a nickname to define your good qualities or characteristics? What would that name be? We will look at…

He Shall Be Called - 4 by Dennis Miller

The third name Isaiah gives Jesus, Everlasting Father.

He Shall Be Called - 3 by Dennis Miller

We continue our study of the HE SHALL BE CALLED but looking at the need for a Mighty God.

He Shall Be Called - 2 by Dennis Miller

We continue our HE SHALL BE CALLED series by looking at the name Wonderful Counselor.