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Power of Jesus - Over Death and Disease

Today we continue our study of the POWER OF JESUS by seeing His incredible power of a long-term disease and death itself.  In this story, we are reminded that He didn’t just HAVE power;  He WAS power.  These stories help us sense the sorrow of disease and death, and yet the joy of…

Power of Jesus - Casting Out Demons

Today we see a story of incredible power over the underworld as Jesus confronts more than a thousand demons at one time. In this story, we are reminded that the Gentiles mattered to Jesus too, and that he made an extra effort to minister to them.  We also learn much about demons and their fears.

Power of Jesus - Calming the Storm

Today we begin a 7-week series on the Power of Jesus and we will see that this power amazed, startled, and frightened the people who experienced it. We will learn that nothing on planet earth has ever been seen like this power.  In this study, we see His power over nature.

King Saul: Don’t Try This At Home - Seeking Answers in the Wrong Places

Today we conclude our series on King Saul realizing how far he had fallen from his faith.  We see that in Saul’s most desperate hours, he fails to repent and truly seek the Lord. We learn that a pattern throughout life is hard to change, even at the end of life.

King Saul: Don’t Try This At Home - Jealousy

Today we look at the third major problem in King Saul’s life, JEALOUSY. We will see that there is good and bad jealousy in life, but that Saul was consumed by the wrong kind. We will see what caused Saul’s jealousy and how to avoid it in our own lives, so that we DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.

King Saul: Don’t Try This At Home - Fear and Foolishness

Today we continue our series on King Saul by studying his faithlessness and foolishness.  On the other hand, his son, Jonathan, is the hero of the story.  We will be reminded that in difficult circumstances, it is often easier to trust your own wisdom, than to seek God’s glory.  

King Saul: Don’t Try This At Home - Not Fully Devoted

Today we continue our series on King Saul by seeing the first of his faults that we don’t want to follow.  Saul doesn’t seem to understand or appreciate his relationship with God, and he is only partly committed.  He reminds us of many people today.

King Saul: Don’t Try This At Home - Off To A Good Start

Today we begin a new series from the Old Testament — a break from Luke for five weeks. In this study, we will look at the life of King Saul.  He was a man with great potential. Unfortunately, he took God’s gifts and misused them.  Saul’s problem was not his many failures, but how he…

Elements of Faith - Faith In Comparison

In Today’s message we conclude the series Elements of Faith.  We have seen the various pathways of trust people have taken in response to who Jesus is.  Now, let’s challenge ourselves to respond to Jesus in a way that parallels the faith expressed by one sinful woman.  From her story…

Elements of Faith - Faith Through Confusion

In the beginning of Luke’s gospel, John the Baptist proclaimed the coming of the Messiah. Now, John has a question.  Of all the lessons in this series on faith, today’s may be the most penetrating. What happens when our faith in Jesus does not produce what we expect?  Today we…