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The Story Begins - Rejection

Today we conclude the first section of Luke which is all about "beginnings," and why we should believe “with certainty” that Jesus is the Savior sent from God. In this story, we see that although the people of His home town praised Him, yet they rejected His prophecy concerning them.…

The Story Begins - The Temptation

Today we see further evidence that Jesus is “the One,” as he defeats the wiles of the devil.  We will be reminded that Jesus faced unique temptations, and yet we learn from them. And we will see Jesus as “the Adam” who was successful.

The Story Begins - Jesus Son of God

Our writer, Luke, as this story begins pronouncedly turns now from highlighting the ministry of John to introducing the initial ministry of the main character of his account, Jesus. Luke’s primary concern in today’s passage is to reveal Jesus to his readers as the one who John had…

The Story Begins - The Voice

Today we see the very beginning of the ministry of John the Baptist, and he doesn’t enter the scene like a lamb — but like a lion. In this passage, we learn the time frame of his ministry and the heart of his message. And one thing is for sure, you either repent or reject, as John…

The Story Begins - The Promise of the Son

Today we continue our study of the birth of John the Baptist and again we see God's perfect timing in our lives. We also see that God doesn't like it when we don't trust Him, and there is a penalty for our doubt.

The Story Begins - A Childless Couple

Today we look at the story that begins the Gospel of Luke — a childless, old and unknown couple. It is an odd way to start the story of Jesus, but it is Luke’s way to help us have the background that we need. Today we see the power of God, and the answer to an often-prayed prayer.

The Story Begins - An Overview of the Gospel of Luke

Today we begin a long and exciting journey in my favorite of the Gospels — Luke.  In this study, we will try to understand the book as a whole before we begin to devour it in small bite-sized pieces.   It will take us three years to complete this study, but when we are finished, I…

Steve Fish - Trading Spaces

This weekend, we will focus on Christ's willingness to leave heaven and enter our world for our salvation. Paul was also willing to bring the gospel message by becoming all things to all people. The challenge for us is to step outside our comfort zone and enter someone else’s world.

Remember This - Invest in Relationships

Today we finish a New Year’s series with the intent of helping us do a few “resets.” The last topic concerns Relationships, and we will look at three simple concepts to help us enhance our relationships for 2015.  We will also look at a plan to help build quality relationships.

Remember This - Investing Our Resources

Today we look further at the topic of INVESTING, by being reminded of how to handle our RESOURCES. These resources include many things: money, time, talents, gifts, etc., but the bottom line is that we invest them wisely. This can be a delicate topic, but it is one of the core issues for…